Can A SEO Company Create Authoritative Content Without Your Input?

SEO | Posted by Edwyn Gray
Aug 09 2014

It happens all the time, people hire a SEO company to work on content for them, and they don’t give any details. They put money down and don’t know anything about optimization so they leave it up to the creative control of a company and that can be problematic. It could also become a great thing, but you’ll have to consider giving over a great deal of trust to the people that are going to be marketing on your behalf. In order to have a company take on the creative aspects of your internet marketing protocol, they will need more than just free range to work on marketing components. It’s far too easy to rely on the expertise of others without input, but that’s not the question at hand.

The short answer is, yes. Yes, a company can definitely create authoritative content without your input, but you’ll need to follow a few pieces of protocol if you’re going to go this route. You may not be happy with the results, so make sure that you understand how this can end up causing you a great deal of panic.

Trusting Strangers With Your Brand

seoWhen hiring anyone to work on your home, you have to trust them. Let’s say you hired a plumber and you asked them to work on all the pipes and fix different elements in the home. You would have to trust that they are going to help you move forward with relative ease. There’s a certain trust that you give them and that’s something that is backed by guarantees, warranties, and information that they give you. But what about the internet? Information technology lends itself to a lot more hubris than a plumber so comparing the two may be tough for some to deal with.

When you hire a SEO company they will have to implement several things about your site, and they are used to it. If you hire a good company, they will do a full audit of your website as it stands right now. They will be able to tell you what kind of traffic you’re getting, what is missing, and how to thrive in today’s real world of traffic interactions. This is something that separates the DIY crowd from professional grade firms. If you don’t know what goes into an audit, then you are already behind. To give you a small glimpse of this, search engines today rank pages based on 200 – 400 different things. If your site doesn’t have all these in place, you will end up ranking lower than the competition.

The Content Authority Element

Content authority doesn’t just mean that someone is professional creating the text. It’s about all the elements that make up content in today’s landscape of marketing. When you start to break this down you will realize that there is no less than 15 pieces of marketing collateral that you need to have in place in order to work with the relevant information that you can publish on the web. That’s right, 15 different components that need you to push forward. If you do not work with the diversity here, you will end up losing out on the huge market share that can be created.

When you speak with DIY professionals, they will tell you that you only need to post blog updates, page updates, or things that have 1 image, and roughly 500 words to move forward. A 500 word blog post is nice, and having a relevant image tagged with it is good, but it will not give you the incredible work that 15 other pieces of content will give you, when done right. Authority is a matter of focusing on diversity, and not just one thing, so don’t assume that you can get away with putting all your eggs in one proverbial basket.

Not All Companies Specialize in Content Design

Here is the sobering part for those that think that they need to find the super hero of marketing companies. Not every SEO company that you contact will be able to design content. That’s something that is going to definitely come into your view when you’re narrowing down the companies that you want to hire. You may find that some are focused more on link building, others will be more focused on social media interaction, and then there will be those that can do it all, like modern day super heroes of technology. Which one you choose requires you to ask yourself several questions.

You’ll need to ask whether or not you need just content, or you need links, design and more. There are a lot of branches that come underneath the tree of internet marketing. Marketing today requires you to move a lot of parts around and focus on creating market share that is tied to several different elements. Without putting everything in proper perspective, you will not be able to gain market share.

At the end of the day, yes, a company can create authoritative content without your input, but it’s best to be familiar with the methods that are going to be used in creating that. Take your time and find out which company has a good track record of implementation straightway.

Home Safes: The Practice of Anchoring

Safety Products | Posted by Erik Payne
Jul 15 2014

h-4Anchoring a home safe is a must for anyone who owns one. The primary reason for doing so is to make sure that it would not be easily taken away. Burglars, when faced with home safes, are down with two options. They can either try to break into it using a saw or any other sharp instrument or they can attempt to take away the whole safe and try to prod it open when they have more freedom to do so. Burglars should not be underestimated as there have been numerous cases where in safes were broken out of homes regardless of the safe’s type or weight. To prevent crooks from absconding with one’s safe; bolting them down is a necessity.

Anchoring a home safe may be done by one’s self or with the help of a professional. Either way, the first step when anchoring a safe is choosing where to mount it. This step is crucial. Choosing the location of home safes depends on what purpose they serve. The basement is ideal for fire resistant safes while burglar protection safes are best kept hidden in walls or floors. The second step it to locate the safe’s mounting hole. Most safes have their mounting hole in the middle of the unit while others have them in the corners. After locating the mounting hole, drill a hole onto the surface where the safe is to be mounted on. Use the appropriate drill bit in doing so. One may either use a concrete or wood drill bit.

Make sure that the drill bit is of proper size. The next step is to reposition the safe onto the mounting hole and inserting the bolt through the safe’s base and into the whole. Lastly, tighten the nut on top of the bolt and test if the safe is securely fastened to the surface. Anchoring home safes is an easy process but many people think otherwise. It pays to go that extra mile in trying to keep your valuables safe.

There are also points to consider when bolting down home safes. One must consider the surface to anchor the safe onto. Bolting down safes is ideal on concrete floors. This is the common scenario in basements or garages. However, this is not always the case. There are times when safes are to be mounted on ground floor, an elevated foundation or an upstairs location. A suggestion in this case would be to drill four lag bolts onto the plywood floor. Anchoring safes onto wood is not recommended as wood is not as sturdy as concrete. The safe would be at risk of being taken away if a thief attempts to rock the safe or get under it with a pry-bar. However, when faced with no other choice, this option would be better than nothing. Another suggestion in cases like these is to drill through the plywood flooring from inside the safe. After this, come up from underneath the house with a carriage bolt and tighten the nut and washer from inside the safe. Although a tedious procedure, it ensures better anchorage of the safe.

Bolting down a safe makes it more difficult for burglars to get away with these safes if they cannot pry it open as well. This is why in choosing a safe to be installed at home, it is important to make sure that the safe chosen is of high quality and is not easily destroyed by forces. To ensure optimum security of safes, one must not hesitate to bolt them down. Who knows, maybe this simple act of anchoring their home safes would make a big difference when a break-in occurs.

The Idea Behind Steeping Your Eliquid

Health | Posted by Calvin Boykin
Jul 08 2014

Steeping is a very common trick among vapers. But while many believe this is actually worthwhile, others are skeptical. Despite having done the method, this trick has received mixed reactions from a lot of individuals. The idea behind this process is that you leave your eliquid in a cool place, let it sit for quite a while. When it comes time to use it in your ecig, you will experience how the flavor of your juice becomes better.

One might have already experienced purchasing a cheap bottle of eliquid and tried steeping it only to realize that the bad taste he got from that particular juice is the only thing he can have. That’s what happens when you buy cheap yet low quality products. There are certain juices that do not benefit from steeping. This is not because steeping doesn’t work. It’s because the juice is made of cheap ingredients.

Now, this is not a good start, especially if you’re looking forward to having the best out of your gear. However, despite the occurrence of such unfortunate scenarios, the fact that steeping only works for some flavors remains a fact. The real idea with steeping is making the flavor stronger and letting each flavor be married with each other. Thinking that steeping makes the flavor of your juice taste better is just wrong.

l-3But before actually doing this trick, you might want to ensure that the eliquid you want to steep is what you really want. Some really good liquids are not as affordable as subpar ones. If the trick doesn’t work, you’re just like waiting for your money to go down the drain. That’s why it’s advisable to start this trick with a small-sized bottle.

Time is the greatest factor that makes steeping do wonders. This will help in making the flavor of your juice better. It takes a little bit of patience and restraint in waiting for the process to finish. For starters, the normal steeping time is 7-10 days. After this period, you should be able to experience some changes with how your liquid smells.

In some cases, getting a hint of the actual flavor upon smelling its aroma from opening the bottle cap means that steeping may not be necessary. However, if the bottle says “apple-based,” yet what you smell isn’t close enough, it’s time that you leave it aside to steep some more. Still, if it’s a combination of two or more flavors, then more likely than not, it will benefit greatly from steeping.

If you have no idea of how to steep, you could begin by vigorously shaking the bottle of your eliquid. Just be sure that the cap is firmly in place so as to avoid spilling. You may shake the bottle for around a minute. Find an enclosed space, like your closet or drawer, and leave it to steep. One thing you should avoid is exposing it to heat or sunlight. UV rays and heat can affect your juice, and it is most likely not for the better.

After a day, remove the cap to let the juice breathe. This means allowing air to circulate through the bottle. After opening the cap, squeeze the bottle a bit just to push the air out. Return the cap securely and shake again for a minute.

On day three, try testing the juice. If it works for you, steeping is done. If not, just rinse and repeat the first and second days until you’re sure that the flavor has gotten better.

This is just a basic example of how steeping is basically done. In certain cases (and for more advanced vapers), steeping takes a good month before one really bad-tasting eliquid becomes an unbelievably great-tasting juice that is flavor-filled.

FAQs on Cat6 cable

Electronics | Posted by Joel Boyette
Jul 07 2014

There is a lot of talk going on that the use of Category-6 rated cables will eventually supersede the commonly-used Category-5e cables in the near future. More and more customers now are changing their Cat5 and Cat5e networks to Cat6 because of its better performance and specifications.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Cat6 cables that will help you understand it better so you can make the decision on whether to transfer over to a Cat6 network as well.

What are Cat6 cables?

A Category-6 cable, more commonly referred to as a Cat6 cable, is the cabling infrastructure that is considered as the cable standard for setting up Ethernet connections as defined by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).

How can I identify Cat6 cables?

All Cat6 cables will have a printing along the side of their cable sheaths to identify them as a Cat6.

What kinds of network connections is it suitable for?

Cat6 cables can be used in setting up the following:

  • 10BASE-T (Ethernet)
  • 100BASE-TX (Fast Ethernet)
  • 1000BASE-T or 1000BASE-TX (Gibe/Gigabit Ethernet)
  • 10GBASE-T (10-Gigabit Ethernet)

What cable standards is it backward compatible with?

A Cat6 cable is backward compatible with the following:

  • Category-3 cable
  • Category-5 cable
  • Category-5e cable

ca-8Is it interoperable between different brands?

Yes, all Cat6 components (cables, cords and other connecting hardware) from varying brands may be used to form a minimally compliant and functioning Category-6 Channel.

What is its performance capability?

A Category-6 cable can provide a Bandwidth of up to 250MHz, transmission frequencies of up to 550MHz, and a transfer speed of up to 155 Mbps.

How is it better than lower categories?

It has specifications for system noise and crosstalk that are considered more reliable than Category-3 and Category-5/5e cable standards. It also has the same nominal Impedance as Cat5 and Cat5e (100 Ohms) but has a higher and tighter level of tolerance on Impedance variations. This means a better Bit Error Rate (BER) than lower categories for a more rapid and accurate transfer within your Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet networks.

What is its maximum recommended length?

A Cat6 cable can be used up to 100 meters or 328 feet for all Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet networks.

For 10-Gigabit Ethernet networks in a favorable alien cross-talk environment, its maximum recommended length is 55 meters or 180 ft.

For 10-Gigabit Ethernet networks in a hostile alien cross-talk environment, its maximum recommended length is 37 meters or 121 ft.

What does it consist of?

All Cat6 cables have four pairs of UTP-RJ45 copper wire—unshielded twisted pairs terminated by 8P8C modular connectors or RJ45 connectors.

What Pin/Pair assignment does it follow?

The RJ45 connectors on Cat6 cables follow either the T568A or the T568B color coding pin assignment, which are as follows (from left to right):













Whig stripe who-or stripe





gr solid gr solid





who-or stripe white-green stripe





bal solid busload





wh-bl stripe wh-blstripe





orange solid gr solid





wh-br stripe wh-br stripe





br solid br solid

** wh-white, gr-green, bl-blue, or-orange, br-brown

 Which pin assignment for a Category-6 cable is better?

There is no significant difference between the performances of T568A and a T568B pin assignment on a Cat6 cable connector. As long as it is properly set-up, the connection should meet its performance specifications.

 What wiring should be used with Cat6 cables?

Category-6 rated patch cables, along with their jacks and connectors, must only be used with Category-6 rated wiring. Although they could be used on other wiring standards, the network’s performance will be compromised if you do.



Patch Me Up! A Guide to Patches

Product | Posted by Harold Payne
Jul 04 2014

So you’ve decided that patches are indeed great for customizing your fabric products. Or maybe your company needs a nice, professional looking set of uniforms, and that an embroidered patch here and there could just help you do that? Now, what kind of patch would suit your need? From embroidered iron on patches, to Velcro backed ones, there are many types of patches out there, and maybe you want some help on choosing the right kind of patch for you.

Patches can be classified into the material used for making them. There are woven patches, printed patches, and embroidered patches. The first type is the woven ones, which uses really thin threads that are woven together to form the design. Since the threads used are thinner than those used on other types of patches, it allows for a more detailed and refined design. The woven patches are used whenever the customers want a design that are can be too complex to be done on an embroidered patch of the same, small size.

Printed patches, on the other hand, are the choice for those who want their badges real fast. Since these types of patches are made from plain twill fabric with the design printed on the cloth, they are usually the cheapest, and can often be made in a rush. The design can be made with an almost infinite color palette, for inks can be mixed to form virtually every color, however the customer wants it. These inks are fadeproof, so you should not worry about the inks being washed to nothingness. On the other hand, like the woven ones, texture cannot be achieved on these types of patches. If these refinements are not a priority however, these patches would usually be good enough for the customers.

And there are also patches made from a base of twill fabric, cut to a custom shape, which depends on the chosen design. These are commonly known as embroidered patches. Embroidered patches are often offered in different coverage amounts. The higher the coverage percentage, the more area is used for the embroidery thread. The less coverage percentage patches are often used to make more textured badges, emphasizing the contrast between the twill backing and the thread used for the design. The amount of detail can be limited in embroidered badges, since the threads used are often thicker than those used in other types of patches.

Iron on PatchesAside from the materials used, patches also vary by the method used for attaching them to the fabric or textile material. There are the conventional, sewn on patches, the newer iron on patches, and the detachable Velcro backed patches.

The conventional badges are fixed to the textile using thread, and are sewn to the fabric. This provides a good measure of stability. Conventional patches can also be attached to the fabric using pins, allowing them to be removed and replaced easily.

Another way of attaching the patches is through the use of Velcro strips. The patches are sewn back to back with Velcro strips. The other side of the adhesive pair is then sewn on the area of the textile where the patch would be put, thus creating an easily removable, replaceable patch.

Patches can also be easily attached using iron on adhesives. The iron on patches is made with heat activated adhesives that glue on to the receiving textile material when ironed and exposed to heat. The amount of heat needed to activate the glue varies; however, it is important to make sure that the applied heat is low enough to keep the receiving fabric safe. Therefore, whether the material that is going to be patched is rayon, or silk, or cloth matters, with care, one can be assured of a good quality patching, the easy and fast way. That is why embroidered iron on patches is chosen for their user-friendliness and value for money.

With all the choices one can make, one can be assured that whatever the needs are, whatever the budget maybe, there would be a good patch to patch one’s stuff up with.

Developing Their Morale is the Key to Employee Retention

Technology | Posted by Shawn Dorsey
Jul 03 2014

You might be wondering what developing morale has to do with employee retention. The answer: A lot! Employee morale is the key to keeping your employees especially the very talented ones.

Your employees’ morale describes their attitudes, emotions, and satisfactions in the workplace. It’s been said that this is directly related to their productivity. Employees who are happy tend to have a positive morale. They enjoy what they do, work hard for it, and deal with their task more effectively. This also means they strive to improve themselves as well. A boost in morale will not only direct the issues concerning effective employee retention but also ensuring a successful business growth.

How to Develop Your Employees’ Morale

employee retentionA lot of business experts are ready to throw advices on how to boost morale. There are many so to speak, but these can’t stand alone. While compensating your workforce with vacations, increase in salary, and promotions may do nicely, it is simply not enough. This time it takes more than those to boost your employee’s morale. Here are ways on how you can help boost it.

Assess leadership

Most employees are not open to suggesting means on how to improve business. At times, it’s not even enough to ask for their opinion on strategies which they think can help with business growth. It usually starts with leadership and how they see the person leading them – You!

How are you as a leader? There’s a big difference with being the boss and being the leader. A lot of business conferences will tell you that. To be an effective leader you need to start by being sensitive to your employees’ needs for a leader. You may be emitting a behavior which isn’t working well with one or doesn’t show you as their leader. Ask which areas you need to improve on. Instead of just waiting for business suggestions, let them help you lead them.

Have a clear communication with your employees

One of the reasons why a business tends to fail is lack of communication with the employees. You need to update them with the business’ standing and its new enforced strategies. It pays to have them know what is up with the business as it continues to grow. This will help them evaluate even their work performance. It also keeps them motivated especially as you show them what they should develop with themselves to keep performing at their best. Employees need to grow with the company (and this is not just in terms of high salaries). It means they need to be able to meet the upcoming tasks to keep up with the growth.

Let them know your expectations

You need to clearly tell them what you expect from them. This should start with their job description: the responsibilities they need to meet. This will help them assess themselves if they can meet it and what areas they need to improve. An employee who knows what is expected from him can perform more diligently.

Set goals with them

If you want a productive workforce, especially help them boost their moral, you need to make time in setting goals with them. Talk to them about tactics and assess both short term and long term goals for the company. This will help them have that feel of really belonging to something big which in turn can help with employee retention.

Don’t settle with improving their pay

Payment doesn’t make the company successful. It mirrors it but that’s not how you really keep good employees. While improving their pay can help, it is actually a tip of the iceberg – a bonus per say. What can really help their morale boost and for them to stay is how you help them hone themselves starting with their talents. The more they see themselves as experts the more they can act like the experts they ought to be. The more growth they see in themselves, the more would want to stay.

Employee retention starts by making sure your employees are happy in the workplace. You need to make sure they are happy with their work and even with the growth they are getting.

What is Digital Sign Software?

Software | Posted by Jacob Sumner
May 21 2014

Digital sign software is a software solution used for digital sign networks (flat panel screens, monitors or television advertisement). These interconnected devices, often represented as a signage, advertisement or company identification, are controlled from any location to present dynamic changing contents.

digital sign softwareIn today’s world, the number of enterprises that use a digital sign is increasing, making digital sign a trend in the digital market. Enterprise organizations have started using digital signage as part of their emergency-notification system. Some enterprise organizations have implemented the use of this new technology to advertise, campaign, manage, organize, and communicate in both internal and external markets.

The new technology indeed made a big difference in the fields of marketing, selling, or advertising. The improvement of digital sign industries created different needs and customizations that a digital sign software can provide. Obviously, the more complex the network and management demands, the higher the software upgrade and customization are.

Instead of using traditional signs, a digital sign is now a new trend and is rampant in the world of marketing. The software is a tool to enhance the features and functionalities of digital signs such as those to update contents and to send the correct messages to the right audiences at the preferred location.  The tandem of the signage and the software makes advertising and marketing more exciting, offering more creative options for advertisers to reach their audiences.

An innovated signage or digital signage network uses a content creation solution or a content management solution provided by a digital sign software. A management solution provided by the software is managed from a central location.  For some, however, have its playback mechanisms and other functionalities located near the interconnected panel screens, LCD, Plasma and LED screens.

The software provides hundreds of built in effects and transitions and a library of clip art, stock image, templates, backgrounds, and stock videos. In addition, because it basically focuses on visual effects, it can also provide a wide range of media formats of images, video, flash and sound with a very high quality. It can also meeting room and manage screens signs, publish CAP-complaint alert notifications, create multi zone layouts, use templates for controlled formatting, extract event data from application scheduling, include innovative ways of finding directories, and connect to the online media.

Digital sign software also provides a dynamic way of advertisement by connecting the digital network to other party contents such as social media, rss feeds, and World Wide Web. Software for a digital sign network can add interesting marketing way by connecting the visual devices to social media where people are mostly interested.

If the advertisement would require displays in different locations, a digital sign software can adjust to the choices that the digital signage industry would make available: the screen at one location, the screens at multiple locations at one site, multiple screens at multiple locations at more than one site, and the different contents played in multiple locations.

The manner of management of the content an advertisement may require is also taken into consideration. The software can provide the organization a real time remote player static check, system log and content reporting, remote-control features to poll detailed player status, screen controls, reboot players and software upgrades.

Digital sign software also provides system maintenance for old systems. The software assures that your digital sign system is updated and fully functional. The software also used in health checking or health campaigns, advertising affidavit creation and management, automatic time and date scheduling, playlist creation and management, meta tagging and user security to.

The needs of various organizations and companies are varied nowadays.  The preferences of consumers are likewise changing.  Advertising and marketing should evolve as well in order to match the businesses with their consumers.

Why are Gloves Needed in Golf?

Sports Accessories | Posted by Dale Ferguson
May 11 2014

One of the equipment needed for golfers is a glove. Many do not know the use of the glove and why it is needed for every golfer. In this article, the importance and uses of gloves will be discussed thoroughly. Tips would also be given on how to take care of expensive gloves.

Why do most people wear only one glove? A glove is required only for the lead hand. This is another term for the non-dominant hand. For right-handed people, they wear a glove on their left hands and it’s vice versa for left-handed people. Since non-dominant hand has fewer grips, it requires a glove to prevent slipping and blisters. Usually, the hand on top of the club is the lead hand. It controls the direction and power of the swing.

Golf gloves were introduced in Callaway Golfthe late 1800’s. Professionals rarely used them because the early invention made the club more slippery. As technology advanced, better gloves were introduced by companies such as Callaway golf. In fact, it was only in the 1930’s when professionals started to use gloves. Most preferred to have callouses to make the game more “personal”. Today, people do not need to suffer from blisters anymore. Many gloves were invented to make people feel like they’re not wearing one. The quality of the stroke is not hindered by the gloves. The only time now that golfers do not wear gloves is when putting or shooting the ball into the hole. This is because putting does not require strong power and grip is the most important. Many golfers have control over the club without the glove. Removing the glove is not really that important and it depends to the preference of the people.

What are the benefits of using a golf glove? They offer protection for the hand. They keep the hand from rubbing on the club excessively. They prevent painful blisters which can hinder the performance of the golfer. It can also provide additional grip to the club. During the course of the game, some would get sweaty hands. Other times, it would rain and wet the clubs. A glove can prevent slipping and provide more control over the driver.

Finding the right golf glove that fits is not that hard. Most companies such as Callaway golf have different sizes to pick from. They have extra small, small, medium, large, extra-large and double extra-large sizes.  Make sure that you try on the different sizes to know which one fits the best. How does one know the right fit? It should feel like a second skin. It is not very tight or very loose. The tip of the fingers should reach the end of the glove. The Velcro or band around the wrist should not be tight to allow proper circulation of the blood. Test the glove first before buying it. Move the hands freely and take note of the mobility of the hand. Lastly, compare the features offered by the glove. Callaway golf gloves offer features that provide extra grip, more durability in the palm section, or heat minimizer.

There are many types of gloves to choose from and each would depend on the weather condition and personal preference. The Thermal Grip glove made by Callaway golf is an excellent choice for cold and rainy weather. The gloves have microfiber outer shell that is water-proof and wind-proof. They do not easily get worn out. The Opti Therm™ Thermal Fleece also provides warmth for the hands because cold hands hinder the performance of the golfer. The Opti Fit™ Adjustable Closure provides space to breathe for the hand, making them less sweaty. Most importantly, it has a Digitized Synthetic Leather Palm to provide an extra grip.

Author Bio:
Since the early 1980′s Callaway Golf has been one of golf’s leading manufacturers. By combining new technologies with traditional techniques, Callaway golf equipment has always had a playability and power that golfers can’t get enough of. 

Investing in the Fastest Web Hosting Service Provider

Web Hosting | Posted by Clyde Tate
May 01 2014

Do you really need the fastest web hosting services? Perhaps you can make do with one that gives you the standard package with so-so speed and just a handful of perks to boot? The answer to this lies on what your business really needs. Evaluate and analyze your business needs to determine if you really need more speed. If it comes down to pricing, you might want to consider going for the fastest if it also comes with the most reasonable cost. After all, why would you settle for something less when you can go for the fastest services for the same price?

Investing in the fastestFastest Web Hosting web hosting service provider is a wise decision for many online marketers. The competition is as much about how fast you are able to satisfy your customers as about how good your marketing and promotions are. A few minutes of waiting time would be enough for your customers to navigate away from your site and jump to your competitor’s site. Whether you have an affiliate blog or an online store, you stand to lose customers and potential revenues from this scenario.

When you invest in the fastest web hosting service provider, you are able to assure your customers with a pleasant online experience. They will be able to make their way through your site with simple clicks and pages that load almost instantly. When they are ready to purchase, they are taken to the online checkout counter right away and their orders are processed within a few minutes. The verification emails, notifications, and invoices will also be sent in the same seamless manner.

There are some hosts that can handle only a few visitors at a time. As such, the performance of the sites can be hampered. The host that a business owner should choose should be one that can handle the number of people simultaneously surfing and making transactions on their website.  Look for hosting services that come with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. On the business side, the hosting service provider should offer several tools as well such as: click to install site templates, email accounts, and Google Adwords.

Check out the different rates and packages of companies offering hosting services. The fastest web hosting package that comes with the features that you need at a price that you can afford should be your choice. What’s great about most hosting services is that you have the option to try it before you make your purchase. You can also choose to go for short term or long term hosting services. The advantage of long term hosting services, of course, is the availability of support and maintenance services as well.

You also would have to consider the manpower that you have. If you do not have people who can manage and maintain your site for you, you might want to check if the web host provides these services as well. Perhaps a package that includes these services would be more cost-efficient for you. You might even get discounts if you get a comprehensive basket of services. Since they are going to be handling all the website concerns for you, you do not have to deal with all the hassles of coordinating with different service providers or personnel to ensure that your website is up and running at all times.

Since you are investing good money into your hosting services provider, you have to make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate one. You need to be assured that your site will not suddenly disappear from the web just because your host closed shop. Do your homework and check the background of the different hosting services providers that you are considering. Try the Better Business Bureau. There are also online sources that you can turn to for more information about the best web hosts around. Taking the time to do this will help you ensure that your investment will not go to waste.

Author Bio:Here at, we continually review and award only the fastest web hosting sites.Our goal is to help small businesses & entrepreneurs like yourself find and select the best web host to meet the needs of your website.

Custom Challenge Coins: Good, Old-Fashioned Camaraderie

Military | Posted by Howard Oakley
Apr 14 2014

In this age of instant gratification where even the most important things take place in a virtual platform, having a physical token of the bond shared by your group is more meaningful than ever. Custom challenge coins are excellent for this purpose, as they stand for nothing less than good, old-fashioned camaraderie. Ever since they were first used to signify membership to military units in World War I, coins stamped with a group’s insignia have been given out to commemorate special events, celebrate achievements and provide tangible proof of belonging to organizations. Customized coins are often treasured for years after they have been given out, and you can be sure that having them made is a good move.

Start with a Good Coin Minter

Getting top-quality custom challenge coins starts with finding a good coin minter. There are many companies that offer this service, and they range from specialists who deal only in coin-related business to firms that offer minting as one of a myriad of services. The best way to choose whom to trust with your coins is to talk to the people you knows who have had similar work done in the past. Ask what they recommend and try to find out if there is anybody you should avoid.

custom challenge coinsIf there’s nobody to consult, however, you can always turn to the internet. An online search for “custom challenge coin makers” will bring up a good number of results – so many, in fact, that you may have difficulty whittling down the list to a reasonable number of choices. In order to manage this, you will need to seek out what former customers have to say about the minting company. Look beyond the glitzy company website and look for forums and blogs where real people talk about having challenge coins made, paying special attention to details regarding payment, promptness and quality of work.

Designing Challenge Coins with Company Templates

What goes on your custom challenge coins will depend on the nature of your group or team and the purpose you wish these coins to serve. Do you need a small but significant memento to welcome new members to your charitable organization? Are you looking for something to give away at the end of a team building exercise at your office? Or are you trying to cultivate some real bonding between members of your sports team?

To help you bring your message across, coin minters offer a number of templates that you can use as the building blocks of the pattern on your coins. These are easy to work with, even if you do not have all that much experience when it comes to design – usually all you’ll have to do is fill in the appropriate spaces for words and logos, keeping colors in solid blocks and paying attention to the margins, and let the professionals take care of the rest. You don’t have to worry about your coins looking generic – the best companies employ designers who will ensure that your coins turn out beautifully, no matter how intricate or colorful you want them to be.

Other Practical Considerations

The process of having custom challenge coins made can be conducted entirely online: everything from the initial inquiry to the submission and approval of the finalized coin design can be accomplished through email or the forms the company may have on its website.

In terms of payment, the amount of money you will need to shell out will depend on the size of the coins (typically anywhere from 1.5 to 3 inches in diameter), the number of coins in a batch, the intricacy of the design (on one side or both), how many colors are used and how soon they need to get to you. Coins take a while to make, so it is in your best interests to order the coins several months in advance to give yourself time to have a sample run made.