Custom Challenge Coins: Good, Old-Fashioned Camaraderie

Military | Posted by Howard Oakley
Apr 14 2014

In this age of instant gratification where even the most important things take place in a virtual platform, having a physical token of the bond shared by your group is more meaningful than ever. Custom challenge coins are excellent for this purpose, as they stand for nothing less than good, old-fashioned camaraderie. Ever since they were first used to signify membership to military units in World War I, coins stamped with a group’s insignia have been given out to commemorate special events, celebrate achievements and provide tangible proof of belonging to organizations. Customized coins are often treasured for years after they have been given out, and you can be sure that having them made is a good move.

Start with a Good Coin Minter

Getting top-quality custom challenge coins starts with finding a good coin minter. There are many companies that offer this service, and they range from specialists who deal only in coin-related business to firms that offer minting as one of a myriad of services. The best way to choose whom to trust with your coins is to talk to the people you knows who have had similar work done in the past. Ask what they recommend and try to find out if there is anybody you should avoid.

custom challenge coinsIf there’s nobody to consult, however, you can always turn to the internet. An online search for “custom challenge coin makers” will bring up a good number of results – so many, in fact, that you may have difficulty whittling down the list to a reasonable number of choices. In order to manage this, you will need to seek out what former customers have to say about the minting company. Look beyond the glitzy company website and look for forums and blogs where real people talk about having challenge coins made, paying special attention to details regarding payment, promptness and quality of work.

Designing Challenge Coins with Company Templates

What goes on your custom challenge coins will depend on the nature of your group or team and the purpose you wish these coins to serve. Do you need a small but significant memento to welcome new members to your charitable organization? Are you looking for something to give away at the end of a team building exercise at your office? Or are you trying to cultivate some real bonding between members of your sports team?

To help you bring your message across, coin minters offer a number of templates that you can use as the building blocks of the pattern on your coins. These are easy to work with, even if you do not have all that much experience when it comes to design – usually all you’ll have to do is fill in the appropriate spaces for words and logos, keeping colors in solid blocks and paying attention to the margins, and let the professionals take care of the rest. You don’t have to worry about your coins looking generic – the best companies employ designers who will ensure that your coins turn out beautifully, no matter how intricate or colorful you want them to be.

Other Practical Considerations

The process of having custom challenge coins made can be conducted entirely online: everything from the initial inquiry to the submission and approval of the finalized coin design can be accomplished through email or the forms the company may have on its website.

In terms of payment, the amount of money you will need to shell out will depend on the size of the coins (typically anywhere from 1.5 to 3 inches in diameter), the number of coins in a batch, the intricacy of the design (on one side or both), how many colors are used and how soon they need to get to you. Coins take a while to make, so it is in your best interests to order the coins several months in advance to give yourself time to have a sample run made.

Benefits of Hiring a DUI Attorney in Salt Lake City

Law | Posted by Bradley Roger
Jan 24 2014

A DUI case is something that you must ignore. Getting a defense lawyer to defend you against the prosecution in court is essential. Do not think that getting one for your sake will just add up to the long line of expenses you will experience while dealing with the case. Take note that most of the time, hiring the best DUI attorney Salt Lake City has offers more benefits that are more worthy than the bucks you will spend to hire one for your case. And those benefits are mentioned below.

attorneyThe prime benefit of getting a defense attorney is that one can get you out from the case, and go through the trial without being sentenced. Just imagine the pain and additional expense that you will endure if you were proven guilty in the court. Your driving license will be suspended, you will be forced to go to a DUI school, you will need to spend time in prison, and you will have a criminal record, which can give you hard time when getting a job.

By the way, 41 states have already updated their laws regarding DUI. Now, if you get caught in any state except for Tennessee, South Dakota, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Montana, Michigan, and Kentucky, your driving license will be immediately confiscated in case law enforcement officials that you have over 0.08 BAC while driving.

Of course, if you are truly guilty, you will be sentenced even if your attorney is the best of the lot. As you have already heard many times in the news, even celebrities cannot escape the guilty verdict. With their capability to shed out wads of money to get the best DUI lawyer for their cases, they still are sentenced.

However, with a DUI lawyer, you will have a plan B. That plan B is to plea bargain, and to get a lesser agonizing penalties. And if you get good DUI lawyers like the ones those stars hire, expect that you will need not need to suffer much.

Aside from those, a DUI attorney can aid you on processing the other things you need to do when you are charged with DUI. One of those things is your auto insurance. With a lawyer, you will have an easier time on filing the proper forms and getting your SR-22. On the other hand, he can guide you on what to do with your sentence. He will provide you options on which school and educational programs that you need to attend and take to make sure that you will be privileged again to drive your vehicle.

On a different note, you should not ponder too much about good lawyers being expensive. You should know that getting an incompetent one is more unwise, financially talking. Also, you will risk yourself of facing an enhanced sentence if the proceedings of your case are mishandled. That is especially true if aggravating circumstances like property damage, injury, and death is included on the charges you are facing. And in case of thinking defending yourself in court, stop. You will only jeopardize yourself.

Anyway, that is all you need to know about the benefits you can get if you hire a DUI attorney. Again, if you do not want to experience too much stress and inconveniences that trials bring, get a good DUI lawyer.

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Dui Attorney Salt Lake City at Sharifi & Baron have handled hundreds of cases and won victories for our clients throughout the legal spectrum, including DUI cases in Utah, and those facing criminal charges.

The Importance of PeopleSoft Upgrade

Information Technology | Posted by Michael Esq
Sep 20 2013

The majority of businesses are always searching for ways to find balance between a PeopleSoft upgrade and the expenses that are associated with the upgrade. Because of this, each time the IT managers recommend an upgrade, chances are they will be questioned by the senior management. But the thing is, the modified functionality that goes along with the upgraded systems explains the cost of the upgrade. If you are still having some questions why it is essential to upgrade your system, some of the reasons are discussed below.

Reasons for PeopleSoft Upgrade

PeopleSoft applications continue to evolve with some of the latest developments and innovation in technology arising every now and then. Thus, every PeopleSoft release provides a wide array of additions and modifications. Adhering to the outdated version of the application will not help your business at all.

Updating Your PeopleSoft Application

The latest versions of PeopleSoft have features that are attuned with the previous versions. Thus, as you think about the PeopleSoft upgrade, you should decide to go for integrated upgrades. Upgrading your PeopleSoft application could be very demanding. It should be done with proper diligence to make sure that the right migration of important data is carried out and organized adoption of the latest functionality. A lot of companies adopt a stage by stage upgrade approach. It usually begins with some pre-upgrade readiness review. After upgrading the system, a post-upgrade support will follow next.

Steps in Updating the PeopleSoft Process

The steps involved in the PeopleSoft upgrade process are divided into 3 major parts. The first step involves that upgrade planning and assessment. This step includes outlining what is involved in the upgrade process and the procedures to be carried out.

The activities and tasks that are associated with the upgrade are some of the factors that are required to be outlined. Outlining the resources is also required which is important in conducting the upgrade. The present situation of the company whose applications are being upgraded needs to be evaluated and that includes the preparedness for the upgrade. During this stage the upgrade plan according to the specific requirements of the user is likewise drawn.

The next step in the PeopleSoft upgrade involves developing upgrade project services. The majority of the services are focused on helping in the sophisticated part of the upgrade project. They are focused on ensuring that the upgrade begins at the right note and that it remains on the right course. As soon as the upgrade is completed, it is then followed by the upgrade support services. The PeopleSoft upgrade services are focused on providing help to the team to fully understand the latest upgraded system and maintain its functionality. The upgrading should be carried out properly to be able to achieve the progress that your business requires.

TITAN GS pioneer in PeopleSoft Upgrade.

Purchasing an Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Home Improvement | Posted by Michael Esq
Jun 18 2013

For a number of homeowners, browsing through home decor magazines tends to be a past time especially when looking for ways to improve their indoors as well as outdoors. The furniture you choose goes a long way in creating the living space you desire as well as providing the comfort that you need. When it comes to purchasing furniture, you will find that you have a myriad of options to choose from. This is especially true when it comes to outdoor furniture as more and more people are leaning towards creating living spaces outside their homes. One of the pieces that are growing in popularity is the outdoor chaise lounge. However, before you buy this piece of furniture for your garden or patio, there are a few considerations that you should keep in mind.

1. The first thing to consider when it comes to purchasing your outdoor chaise lounge would be comfort. At the end of the day, people purchase furniture so as to have a place to relax and rest, whether indoors or outdoors. With that in mind, you also have to consider if you will be purchasing the piece of furniture specifically for your own comfort or if you would want it to be used by different people. This will also dictate the size of the lounge chair. If you live alone, you may want a chaise lounge that will cater to only our needs whereas couples may prefer something larger that can accommodate both of them at the same time.

outdoor chaise lounge2. The second thing to consider when purchasing an outdoor chaise lounge will be the materials it is made from. There are numerous options available when it comes to materials for outdoor furniture. The most popular tend to be hardwood, wicker, rattan, synthetic materials and more. Your main concern when selecting the material for your outdoor chaise lounge would be the prevalent climate in your area. For instance, some materials are better off in hot climates whereas others are better suited to withstanding wet weather. If you experience different weather conditions all year round, you should select materials that can withstand these changes and this most often is synthetic materials.

3. Lastly, consider what would entail for proper maintenance of the outdoor chaise lounge. People with busy schedules would be better suited with furniture that needs the least bit if care and maintenance. This allows you to clean the furniture once in a while without it being too inconvenient for you.

Benefits of Misting Systems

Small Business | Posted by Michael Esq
May 23 2013

Misting systems are mostly used during the summer when the weather is extremely hot. They are used to cool the outdoor environment. The system comprises of tubes and pipes through which water is released in form of mist as a result of compressed air. You can find these systems mostly in outdoor events, stadiums or malls. In malls they are promoted as chill zones during summer. There are several benefits that are associated with using these systems. If you want to use such a system in your home, there are smaller misting fans that are designed for use in the home.

Misting systems are beneficial because they have the ability to lower temperatures in the outside environment fast. They can lower the temperature by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. They can bring the temperatures back to normal in a number of minutes. This is the main reason why people prefer to use them. Depending on the size and power, misting systems have the ability to lower temperatures over a wide area. If you have attended a sports event in a stadium, you will note that it is such a system that is used to cool the stadium.

Misting systemsMisting systems are also used in greenhouses. In greenhouses, the system cools the area and ensures that the plants have humidity to keep them wet for growth. During the summer, they are also perfect for ensuring that your lawns do not look dried as a result of lack of moisture. They keep these plants moist. Notably, they can also be used to improve the shopping experience for customers who shop on outdoor product stands. They are kept cool and the products on offer are also kept cool. The technology used is evaporative cooling which is efficient and productive.

Misting systems are also used because the mist that is produced is so fine that there is no chance of the surrounding area becoming wet. The effect of this system compares to standing in middle of a fog. You remain cooler but do not become wet. A person can only become wet from the system if they stand six inches away from the water nozzle. The water produced from this system is also hygienic. This is because the water is filtered off impurities before it is released through the nozzles. It is also economical because it uses an average of four to eight liters per hour.

The Importance of IT Help Desk Software

Software | Posted by Michael Esq
May 22 2013

The importance of IT Help Desk Softwarelies in the fact that it helps organizations in providing information and support for internal and external users to resolve issues related to computer and information technology products and services.

Organizations who want to enhance manpower efficiency and client satisfaction must consider the essence of using superior IT desk software within their operations and business processes. Reliable software for IT Help Desk can be a great tool for computer technicians and system troubleshooters in managing and resolving issues. Many organizations have already realized the importance of using IT Help Desk software, because of its dependability in handling customer complaints and inquiries.

In a typical call center, clients usually experience long holding times and ignored voicemails. There are also times that customers may be disappointed find it difficult to describe the problem. Software dedicated for this function can easily supervise and manage specific problems to the right personnel on time.

IT Help Desk softwareThere are numerous types of IT desk software, and most of them offer basic features, which can be presented by showing the usual life flow of a technical case report. If a user encounters a system error or need assistance in completing IT processes, a case report will be typically entered in the software by the user or by another personnel providing assistance either by phone or online.

Meanwhile, the case report will be instantly assigned with a special ticket number, which can be traced by those individuals who are authorized to access the network. Personnel who are in charge of the IT Help Desk Software can check the problem through a knowledge base added into the system. Most technical issues are resolved using this system.

Once the problem cannot be solved by checking the solutions in the database, the system will endorse it to the experts in the field for resolution. After the problem has been solved, the report will be closed inclusive of the details related to the solution, which will also be part of new input in the database for future issue consultations. This typical work process can be used and automated using the right IT help desk software.

Using reliable software for your IT Help Desk in any size of organization will provide opportunities to lessen client downtime, trim down expenses for IT support, and boost efficiency and productivity in the organization.

There are numerous options today in the market, ranging from free and basic to the costly and flooding with features. There are also IT Help Desk software programsthat are suitable for every kind of organization. All you need is to take a look and choose carefully.

Investing in software for IT Help Desk is preferred by organizations and even consumers over a typical call center.

The Advantages of Remote Desktop Software

Software | Posted by Michael Esq
May 18 2013

Remote desktop software can be installed in any operating system in a computer device. It is facility that allows the “client” computer to control the “remote” or “host” computer and vice versa. Here you will know the advantages with the use of this kind of software.  It is one of the most convenient and fastest ways for users of communicate while using the client and the hostcomputer. These are the advantages of using these software products:

Savings in Time and Resources

There are times that you forget to transfer important files from your personal computer to your laptop or any other mobile device or storage media. And you might need to access these important files while you are mobile or in another location.  With the help of remote desktop software, you can easily ask any family member at home or other colleagues at work to turn on your computer so you access it remotely.  In just a click, you can now access your personal computer and get the important files yourself without needing further assistance from the person who turned your PC on.  All you need is just your Windows username and password. It is important, however that the remote desktop assistance in your computer system properties is activated first.

Instant Solution via Remote Desktop Assistance

remote desktop softwareIf you have a problem with regard to computer software issues, you can simply ask your computer technicianto help you solve your problem via remote desktop assistance. With the remote desktop assistance, he can easily control your computer just like he’s there beside you. In this way, you don’t have to travel from your place to your friend’s place carrying the personal computer or your laptop– which is quite a hassle.

Convenience in Using theRemote Desktop Software for Your Business

Remote desktop software is also useful for your business, especially if you run or own software programs. There are cases that your clients have troubles with the programs they bought from you and their location is quite far from your place. What you can do is to connect with them via remote desktop to assist your client – this is if your client knows how to use his remote desktop software. Another helpful reminder is to ensure that your client’s operating system is compatible with your operating system.

Training can be done via remote desktop softwaretoo. This is another advantage for your business. Sometimes you spend much money on training your applicants at the office. As a matter of fact, there is another way of reducing the use of money and time and this is through remote desktop software. In this way, you can train your applicants with the use of remote desktop assistance.

The Ultimate Carpet cleaners

Home Improvement | Posted by Michael Esq
May 14 2013

Carpet cleaning Alexandria VA is one of the most professional and dependable carpet cleaning companies. We are one of the most experienced and expert companies in the carpet cleaning industry. We not only specialise in carpet and rug cleaning, we also are one of the experts in the cleaning of oriental rugs. We also have expertise in installing and removal of oriental rugs, as well as cleaning them. We at Carpet cleaning Alexandria VA have the most experienced and expert professionals for carpet and rug repair. Their vast knowledge about carpets and rugs makes them the most respected and dependable names in repairing these valuables.

We have the most professional team of experts in the cleaning industry. They are also certified and highly regarded in the industry. They use the latest and best technology while cleaning your rug and carpets. They also use the most effective and safe procedures and non-toxic chemicals to clean them. This not only makes your rugs or carpets clean and fresh, they also remove harmful germs, odours and stains from them. They also promote a carpet or rugs life as well.

carpet cleaningWe not only make old rugs look new and shining, we also make them soft and fresh also. We also have rug or carpet washes that can make them unique and expensive with the antique appearance. This antique wash is made through a highly reliable process and does not affect the durability or life of the rug or carpet. At Carpet cleaning Alexandria VA we take care of all your carpet or rug cleaning need.

Carpet cleaning Alexandria VA also offers a whole lot of other cleaning services. We also clean upholstery, drapery, blinds among other things. We also clean tile floors and stone floors and make them sparkling clean, as we clean and refresh hardwood floors too. We also clean air ducts and have dry cleaning services for your rugs and carpets. We also remove stains from carpets and rugs and make them resistant to soiling and stain through latest treatment procedures.

We have been one of the best carpet cleaning companies and we have been committed to excellence and customer service. We have been one of the most reliable and dependable companies. Carpet cleaning Alexandria VA is one of the most favoured carpets cleaning and rug cleaning company, which is evident from the long list of corporate and commercial establishments as clients. We also have a long list of satisfied and happy private clients, who have referred us generously. Their repeat hiring of our services and generous referrals has been one of the major factors behind our phenomenal growth.

Carpet cleaning Alexandria VA uses the best and safest combination of chemicals and methods to clean your rug and carpets. We also use the modern techniques for fast drying and prevent over wetting of all carpets and rugs. We use the latest methods to guarantee no shrinking or mildew. We also ensure that the carpets have no residue, or harmful or offensive odours or vapours. Instead they will always smell fresh and nice.

At Carpet cleaning Alexandria VA we are committed to your peace of mind. We ensure the best in every area of cleaning carpets and rugs. We also provide insurance claims and free estimates. We also have exciting offers, discounts and packages for commercial and residential clients also.

When Should You Buy Dehumidifiers?

Home Improvement | Posted by Michael Esq
May 10 2013

For many consumers, not knowing how to use dehumidifiers is tantamount to not needing them. Since this useful appliance is not exactly the most famous household investment there is, many people overlook its importance and consider it as just another unnecessary electronic device.

Having wrong notions about dehumidifiers, nonetheless, does not really mean you do not need them. And not needing them in the immediate time does not mean you should not have one safely waiting for use at home. As a precautionary measure, there are instances when you need to keep one or more dehumidifiers, whether you already need them or not.

If you fall on one of the cases below, you better invest on dehumidifiers now.

dehumidifiers1. You live in a place with recorded higher humidity levels, in a hot and humid place or in a place surrounded by bodies of water.

It is advised that all families living in these places should have dehumidifiers because the increase of relative humidity in these locations is inevitable, sooner or later. As humidity rises outside the house, the concentration of humidity build-up inside also starts to go higher.

For reasons like extreme weather condition or a badly designed ventilation system, this build-up does not escape and dissipate, and instead, it starts to find places where it can be absorbed, such as exhaust pipes, ceilings, wooden furniture and walls. If not taken care of with dehumidifiers as soon as possible, damages will start to show up.

2. Your house has poor ventilation system or insufficient natural ventilation.

Because the air inside the house remains stale due to lack of ventilation, the excess amount of water in the air has nowhere to go. You may not immediately see any changes inside the house. But as time passes by, all wood parts and pieces will start to soften and weaken, which will result to changes in color, shape, texture and performance. Before any of these happen, buy dehumidifiers now.

3. You have lots of air pipes or ventilation pipes.

The same goes to having excessive ventilation and exhaust pipes. Although a good air circulation may push the damp air outwards through these pipes, not all of them actually leave the air ways. Rather, they start to form there which you might first detect through a foul smell.

There are built-in dehumidifiers that can be integrated in HVAC systems. You can also purchase smaller types of dehumidifiers that are specifically designed to be placed inside air pipes.

4. You often experience flooding or water leakage.

Water inside the house attracts more water through the air. Even water outside (like in the case of rain) can lead to moisture formation inside. This is the reason why poorly designed flooring systems sometimes wet when it is raining.

If you have problems with floods or regular water leakage, better buy dehumidifiers now to prevent any further damages.

Reasons Your Business Would Need Live Chat for Websites

Technology | Posted by Michael Esq
May 09 2013

If you are searching for ways to improve your website’s usability as well as the profit margins of your online business, then live chat for websites may be something that you should consider. In addition to the basic customer care services that you receive from this software, there are a range of other features that could prove to be quite beneficial. Here are some of the reasons why your business would need live chat for websites.

1. Access to your potential clients. When your customer service agents use live chat software, they have the chance of reaching out to potential clients as they are perusing through your website. This is similar to having in house staff at a retail store whose sole purpose is to assist clients with their shopping experience. This access to potential customers enables the agents to help a client find what he is looking for on the site and even recommend other products and services that could interest him. In addition to this, your agents can be handling two or more clients at a time, which will definitely increase their productivity while still being cost effective.

live chat for websites2. Real time customer service. A common problem most potential clients have to deal with is delays when in need of customer service. The conventional options of phone calls and emails may work, but they can also take time depending on whether the lines are busy or perhaps if there are numerous emails to sort through. With live chat for websites, these delays are eliminated as your customers can have their concerns addressed immediately they raise them through initiating a chat. This quick response time in dealing with customers queries will increase their trust in your business.

3. Your online business is considered reliable. One of the best ways of developing customer loyalty is by proving to your clients that your business can be relied upon. Customers will be loyal to a business that not only addresses the needs that they have, but also shows concern for thoughts. With live chat software, you offer instant gratification to your clients and they in turn feel that your business is reliable.

4. You can opt for a free trial. Some online business may be skeptical in investing in live chat for websites without having seen the benefits for themselves. Numerous companies will offer free trials giving you a chance to take the software for a test run before deciding on which would be best suited for your business.